Posted: January 20, 2014 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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They say God breathed breath into the body and gave life…In my eye that just ain’t quite right…It was about twelve noon when I came through my mother’s womb into the light…Not fully aware yet to form a conscience my mother held me close to chest and through her eyes shared with me my first taste of life…
When I couldn’t do for self she broke bread and fed me…She provided…She provided nourishment that feeds the soul…She passed on to me her internal glow…At birth I was considered to be one of the worlds beautiful creations perfect in every way…Exact replica of my mother is all I have to say…Without her there would be no me…Without her it wouldn’t be us three…She taught me right from wrong…She taught me to have strength and fight and to always hold on… “We give out…We don’t give up” is the motto for the Jones…The list goes on…
My Mama didn’t stop short she shared all of her compassion…Now I got half my daddy genes…Short temper…I love to kick some ***…Respect…Cause she shared all her intellect…It did take till my thirties for me to look back and dislike all my disrespect…And yes I’m gon say it…My Mama is the best…Flesh of my flesh…Me and my Mama bond goes deep…Her love is powerful and of the purest form, unconditional nothing can compete…
From the beauty in her eyes she was able to see past the ugly in me…She listened…Her ears absorb turmoil and her inner peace always calmed the beast…I say this with grief…She SACRAIFICED ALL so her kids could elevate out these streets and through her belief we did just that but we didn’t remain close so there’s still some open promises to keep…Mama please hear me when I speak…What you instilled in me runs deep…I keep it with me when I wake up and take it with me to sleep…I understand and you’re not alone…I love you…We’re tied together forever…Understand that I am with you now and you’re gonna be with me when you’re gone…….

  1. Kamia Johnson says:

    lOVE IT!!!

  2. Eric Minor Sr says:

    Deep!! Love it bro!!!!

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