Conversations with Myself #32

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Pressure and time is all it takes before the mind breaks…I don’t watch the clock, I like to get to it for times’ sake…No room, can’t move I’m stuck in this confined space…Purgatory…No grace…Can’t get no kind of an answer they won’t let me through the pearly gates…
We all got a date but I’m showing up late…So whether I go up or down I got a bone to pick with this earth place…I’ve been gritting and grinding but never to get ahead It’s always been to dig myself out a hole or some jam I had to escape…I wish I could wipe the slate…I played my play…Took what I was gone take and the rest I had to face…We all different but it’s the basics mans case…We as a people treat stress and problems like they’re genetic traits…O don’t mind me I just come this way…I don’t buy it…Work at it day by day and a change is gonna come I’m on that Sam Cooke diet…
I got the truth early on It just took me twenty plus years to apply it…Knowledge is power…It help me fight my battles so I keep it with me…Side kick…What I don’t know I boss…Head thick…I’m gon find a way like its hiding from me…No bullshit…I use to pull quick…Until it prove sick…Now I’m more methodical and attack it like I’m Riddick…All I know is go…Go and get it and get it and get it…I can finally accept no…No limits, no limits, no limits…
I know you’ve heard every gimmick or trick…Greasy talk that sound real slick…I’m gon give it to you straight…The strong survive and the weak get ate…We’ve been working hard on equality trying to get everybody a plate but until that happen you better win this rat race…So all I do is chase…All I do is chase until I got a stack of Ben Franklins in my face…All I do is chase…Lion hearted so I do it for my pride…I ain’t stopping no breaks on my ride…Past and future collide cause from the womb to the tomb its always an eye for an eye……

  1. Kamia Johnson says:

    ok…first one…interesting…KJ

  2. Eric Minor Sr says:

    Deep, I love the realness in there. I will read them all and support you in any way possible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed this one… you keep it real all the time.

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