Conversations With Myself #29(Preview of “Conversations With Myself an uncommon dialogue”)

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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I Ain’t Sorry Bout Shit

Since I got an audience it’s only right to go deep down and tell how I felt…Explain my cries…Squash the lies so you can see through my eyes.

I won’t apologize for what this world did to me…I won’t apologize for alcohol, cigarettes and weed…I won’t apologize for wanting to see my oppressors on their knees…I won’t apologize for opportunity when I can seek out my greed…I won’t apologize for wrong I did when me and my family was in need…I won’t apologize for realizing I was a slave and I wanted to be free…I won’t apologize for carrying a red flag that represented me.

Time passes…Shit change and the feelings are different…Wise guidance…Sound judgment always lifted the spirit but my ways remain clamorous and I want to beat the drums of truth till they hear it.

So I won’t apologize for being beat and learning my lesson…I won’t apologize for being complex and always keep them guessing…I won’t apologize for keeping my goals all to simple…I won’t apologize for being ready to bust like a teenage pimple…I won’t apologize for gaining licenses and increasing my credentials…I won’t apologize for being able to move real estate…Commercial and residential.

It’s been my experiences that most people don’t want to see you make it…You share your plans or your goals and they either wreck it or take it…You find yourself in a time of need and they exploit your plight till you break it…Without the lies, trickery and deceit all these jokers are naked.

So I won’t apologize for staying hard when all these other men go soft…I won’t apologize for taking family I can’t control as a lost…I won’t apologize for when they push buttons…Push me to pissed and I go off…I won’t apologize that there’s a difference between a worker and a boss…And I dam sho won’t apologize for my drive to make this dream work at all cost.

So we back to the beginning…You watching me build this brick by brick trying to reach the ceiling…Snickering and giggling when I bust my knuckles from a failed hustle…Arms bout to give from lifting this incredible weight with these tired muscles…Titan like Atlas…The world unstable but these shoulders won’t buckle…Scars I got a couple…Traumatized by the struggle so my soul a little troubled…Position plain as day so it’s I love you or its fuck you.

Therefore I won’t apologize when our paths cross and I realize you were only here for a reason…I won’t apologize that at times I’m cold like winter my favorite season…I won’t apologize that you over played your importance and I forgot you were breathing…I won’t apologize that I want more and the world think we even


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