Sound Judgement (released 2013)

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Standing strong all alone on your own is such a sad ballad…No regrets just respect full effect just comes with the package…Playing for keeps…Step on my feet…I pray we never speak…Black tie black suit if we ever meet…Aggression is my nature…You try to keep the peace…It’s only two sides to the fence and that’s strong and weak…They say it’s a sign of strength if attacked  you should turn a cheek…I say that comes from a civilized mouth that ain’t been beat…Stand your ground on your principals and watch the pressure come…Flight or fight kicks in and I will never run…I got pride in my era because now we producing weaker seeds… Now a day’s heads turn easily by what we see…In my time we stood on what we believe no matter the fee…Looking for resolve holding court in the middle of the street…Times have changed folks are finding honor and satisfaction in backstabbing…Being holders of the truth with the only reaction…laughing…Or silence…Hold your tongue you’re just as guilty too…That’s why we stay divided cause we can’t trust who will see you through


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