Conversations With Myself #18 (Preview of “Conversations With Myself an uncommon dialogue”)

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Endless questions and always guessin…Broken lines of communication compound my stressin…Objections from every angle when every play you make is towards progression…This ain’t even my story this my homeboy confession but I consider it a blessin because his burn fueled the fire to my lesson…Currency first everything else comes second…The realist truth I know is that the world ain’t pleasant…So choose yo side be king or peasant…Hell proof and heaven sent…I put that on the strength that to see my dreams come true I will go to any lengths…In all my ways its evident I even went as far as mistreatment…So you know when I get it Im’a keep it…I’m using the secret so what I envision I guarantee I’m going to be it…Packed 2 extra clips fully equipped…Bout to close all lips right after I take a sip and then dip…Fly off in my starship…I end the B.S. I don’t spark and start shit…I want the game in a full grip…Bleedin the jugular like I’m on some pit bull shit…Follow the blue print on yo way to makin millions with leadership…


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