I’m bout ready to hold court in the streets…Bringing a case against lies, trickery and deceit…You see all I got in this world is my balls and my word…Being a gypsy and bread from the streets I felt as if I owned a piece of every cities curb…Ironic and absurd outside of blood the ones I truly loved…The ones I passed my chronic…The ones I shared every noun, adjective and verb did exactly that…Kicked me to the curb…
Such a hard blow…I could best my advisories at just about anything and I voiced that cause I couldn’t find satisfaction in the fact that they already know… So instead of them just saying they didn’t like me and wanted to see me go…I got penalized for my arrogance and they did everything in their power to stop my show… My best hip turned from my wife to a hoe…Her head turn easily and they convinced her that it was in her best interest to absorb all my cash flow…
Outside of popular opinion I hold my own ideas of a man so instead of subjecting myself to being on my knees because of this woman I decided to stand…I decided to play strength and live off the land…She had a full house and held my kids in her hand…Needless to say this put a monkey wrench in all my plans but I saw the future and knew she was building her perfect little castle on a foundation of sand…
Outsiders to the facts were appalled cause I grabbed my balls…Told my kids that I love them but daddy got to walk down this other hall…They mother preferred that I died…She completely forgot that all I know how to do is survive and I really pissed her off when I got Cadillac for my ride…The price wasn’t cheap for my pride…I didn’t stick around to defend my case so now my babies wish that I would have died…
I didn’t make things much better when I missed them so much and came around with bloodshot eyes…Standing close to the edge…They mama lied in wait with this “good woman” disguise and all it took was just a little laugh from her to negate all my tries…I aggressively yelled and screamed the truth and she just smiled inside as my outburst and actions in front of my kids justified her lies…


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