My House (Inspired by Sufi Poet Rumi)

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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In my house I have invited several guest, of these visitors some offered more others less at times it felt like there was a contest amongst my guest…competing for my mental attention I feel its fitting now to mention who a few of my guest were…I’ll start with the first he introduced himself to me as…

Anger he lead me to believe that he could relive my frustration with violent demonstrations instead of collaboration he breed separation he also increased my lost instead of gain I knew it was time for him to go so I asked him to leave but he remained he disrespected me by inviting company like hurt and pain since he wouldn’t leave to maintain I learned how to tame my guest…

I must confess that my door is always open and I welcome anyone’s arrival my experience in my house was not always negative I studied and learned things essential to my survival lessons so strong they were documented in the bible with an unbridled passion for life I left my window open and love crept in thru the night smothered in darkness but her light shine so bright she gave insight to my wrong ways so I began to be polite gave a new meaning to life the other side of strife but we all know pressure bust pipes and since anger never moved out love left me thru the same window she came in without a doubt…

I ran to the window screamed and shout for her to come back and then I heard a tap on the door I checked to see who it was but it was just a note it was from peace and we never spoke he said he’ll be back when love can cope with peace gone before we could meet and love off in the streets tryin to find someone else to meet I got tired of playing host, reached my peak and kicked everybody ass out and then I was alone, my home was empty and it tempted me to leave to but instead I went to my bathroom and looked in the mirror dried my tears so the picture would be clearer, realized wasn’t nothing wrong with me…all along it was just my choice of company…

So I took heed to my observation and from that point on everyone was subject to different forms of interrogation so I can learn exactly why they were here…I finally meet fear and it was okay for him to be there he made it unlikely for me to relapse cause if I did all the wrong people would have moved back…

One day I ventured out my house in search of truth and facts and in one instant it felt as if my heart collapsed…she didn’t look the same but I was sure it was love so I gave her my rap and just like that it was on and she was back…with no more feelings of being trapped, finally able to relax I received an unexpected visit from a man traveling from the east…when I saw him I didn’t know him but I recognized it was peace…and finally there was in MY HOUSE!!!!!


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