War Is Love

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Relationships…Grossly misunderstood like the bible…Answering the question on why hundreds and thousands of hearts stay unattended and idle…Ignorance is the main reason but many are still asking why…Why after they try, they have to try again…With so much diversity I guess every situation depends…Depends on if the person is looking out or looking with in…As a whole our people tend to begin with original sin…Which is having the wrong first thought…Like my woman would truly love me the person from the things that I bought…Or if I lay my web of jealousy until my man gets caught he will finally see the beauty in me…

Desperately searching for some form of reprieve we’ll accept different types of abuse instead of accepting that we must now get up and leave…Moving at different speeds we all find it difficult to connect…Rejecting peace in our camps cause we feel a loss of respect…Engaging in war amongst each other with the main objective to protect…Ourselves…Instead of putting our petty difference and problems on the shelves we raise hell…I must tip the scales…So if he yells I have to yell back…Preemptive attacks so strong it could crush the soul…Rather than playing our role we’ll struggle for control…Going as far as cutting off our nose trying not to lose face…Exhibiting behaviors of disgrace just to prove the case…If we trace this love line back to when we were courting….

You’ll find a different picture canvassed in supporting…Each other…I swear I won’t be as firm as Danny Glover but this is what I want I always wanted to be your lover and smother you with affection…Beat you down with my erection and win your heart with my protection…But we fight what’s right…We do everything opposite of making our relationship tight…I believe in mysterious but you got me guessing where you was last night and that ain’t right…Enemies in the same house…We together but we settling scores…Love is an art but in this generation it’s an art of war.

  1. ThaQueen says:

    It is my sincere hope that love is still love, and that one day the battle to hold on to love will end. I enjoyed this. It’s ironic by I am listening to “Wait for love ” by Luther….

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