Food For Thought

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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I love the streets like the majority of y’all love peace…I despise being discreet to satisfy the conscience of those financially over me…Pressed to conform to the ways of what the masses consider righteous inevitably becoming a modern day slave…I dare to be free while others prefer to be tame…I go against it…You like safe and stay with the grain…We are not the same…I embrace my insane and find it strange when the more fortunate keep there’s behind closed doors…And call it sane…
I guess what is important is what’s presented to the public’s eye…As always the perception of a person is tied closely to their ability to get a slice of that American Pie…I try to understand why…Why we hit the gas driving towards the future and forget our past…
It’s true that Dr. King promoted peace…But out there in Oakland Bobby Seal and Huey P. Newton brought relief…Understand conspiracy cause my man Carter G. Woodson wrote a book that all my kinfolk need to see…We’ve lost our way…We dread bold moves like changing our name from Cassius Clay….
Hoping for better days we take advice from people that is far removed from our reality today like asking Tavis Smiley how to make this $800.00 a month stretch for 30 days…They say power comes when you invoke and pray…But the sanctified more than likely haven’t endured poverty stricken families everyday…If my bills we’re paid I would pray too…For it to stay that way…
The answer that is failed to be put in play…Is that action…I said action is what will save the day…The truth is muted by our so called intellectuals who know the facts and yet dispute it…We will stay divided as a people because our ego will not allow us to be equal…Look the man or woman next to you in the eye and ask them…Am I your equal?…We treating symptoms and not the problem so our efforts are ass backwards…


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