It’s hard to change…Easy to stay the same…Especially when you have the past staring right in your face…Positive is definitely powerful but negative leaves an undeniable trace when your losing the rat race and always have to plead your case on why you had the Jack and they had the Ace…Stacking the deck…Many people deal in disgrace…Causing a deep seed feeling to throw underhanded just so they can get a taste…Being a good person and living in peace has become an overwhelming chore…Sometimes to save yourself all you have to do is just close the door….

Before we look out lets look within and close the door on our original sin…As a trend we tend to take advice from our eldest kin…But they grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and only know how it was then…Looking deep…Way deeper than the skin we’ll seek our most important guidance from our closest friend…Five time out of ten they’ll reply with a grin and pretend to know the answer without knowing the facts…Like white people really know how it is to live black or the rich truly see the struggles of the poor without crossing the tracks…If we never thought outside the box we’ll still he considering the world to be flat with ignorance of our people creating more ceiling than floor…My advice to those who seek savior is to just close the door…Close the door now don’t close it in time…Paying extreme attention to the signs in our mind also known as divine intervention…An extension of gods hand…Beware of closing the door on gods plan…He is the creator and his workings we normally don’t understand.


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