Conversations with myself #10

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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I was born at odd’s so I’m an odd ass baby…Murphy’s Law has become my life so oh-well if you call me crazy…I’m living daily on a maybe trying to maintain my steady…When thangs tight it’s hard not to fight over thangs that’s petty…Like cash…Here today and gone in a flash…Ash to class, fall flat on yo ass and right back to ash…When folk know your struggling they tend to past rather than accept the task of getting you over the hump of making it last…I’ve dwelled in societies trash to find the truth of human nature at last…Self preservation…We all gone save our own ass at the expense of repeating the past…I fear not the chance to share my truth…I only fear the ones that do…Our true maybe opposite and I might not accept the thangs that suite you…I’m not one to judge with my melting pot of a stew…I just feel I deserve the right to choose between old and new…

I salute the few who like me…Pursue there dreams to an end…Some bend or break and don’t hesitate to escape there pre-determined fate trying there best to eat off the next man plate…Others just lose faith and get stuck in some funky old depressed state…Me I won’t stop until I get my own personal cake…When I get through I won’t know the meaning of the word wait or no…All I know is go…Never move slow…Over lap myself like de-ja vu like I’ve been here before…Thin like smoke…So I inhale my reality and blow back the brutality…I portray content

But its going to take the realization of my dreams to satisfy me…Until then I’ll just strengthen my roots like tree and pay the fee to roam the earth gallantly…Please save the false hopes filled with faith…I only eat food I can taste…And I’ll take it from a kind hand no matter the race cause even my own people have displayed acts of disgrace…Now I ain’t the first or last to join this rat race…And by no means do I have the right to claim that I’m a special case…I just acknowledge things are wrong and I just want to get them back in place…The truth is…Things will never change if I get lost in day dreaming about yesterday……

  1. poetleeprose says:



  2. Kristin Brænne says:

    Stay excellent! ★

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