Posted: May 28, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Catch a fool and bump his head…Tread lightly on the lines of truth…While taking advantage of the truth letting loose different forms of abuse…The juice just ain’t worth the squeeze…Chopping down trees bringing the innocent down to there knees…

It disgust me how people misuse trust…Ready to go fist to cuffs…But if I’m the first to bust people would look at me as if I went nuts…And the only point I was trying to prove is that “Enough is a Enough”…

Ya see everybody plays the fool…Some keep they cool and play by the rules but others despise being screwed and get the tool…I choose to walk alone instead of suffering the company of a fool…

The fool suffers from repeats and incompletes…Not in tune with life’s rhythm so they stay off beat embracing miss beliefs…Mocking the wise when they speak…Content with just one fish a day to eat…

The fool feeds his soul with false claims using trickery and mind games to support there unfounded fame…Pointing the finger of blame to save there name forgoing the shame that follows…

The fool is as hollow as the empty bottle the drunkard used to find relief…Instead of peace the fool will cook up beef with all the negative propaganda they release into the streets blowin that hot air heat…

Only the fool can play both sides of the fence…Knowledge doesn’t appear to get through to them so we call them dense…It all make sense when I look in my high standard lens and witness the fool benefit for not knowing shit…

The fool is counterfeit…Carbon copy of strength pushing their fraudulent ways…Goon level but they flex like they made…Should get a theatrical award for how they perform on stage…The lengths they will go never cease to amaze me…You want to know how I feel about’em…Fagaziy …

I’m yawning on these jokers tactics like I’m lazy…Will you lead them across the burning sands?…Maybe…Spreading through the mic the will to fight…I’m rabies…Vicious attacks on these fools I chew’em up and spit’em out they the aftermath like Haiti

  1. ThaQueen says:

    I am loving this! It reminds me of modern day Proverbs.

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