Conversations with Myself 24

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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Everythang I purchase would be worthless if I bought it for you…Same thing goes for the thangs I say and do…I stay true to my comrades but usually past on the fads…I see through some of these cats like glass…Take away there source and they’ll break…Feeding off of real nigga traits…Not saying that they fake but they want to be associated so they can skate…I never been a monkey I was born an Ape…Silver back like I come straight from Grey Stoke jack…I wear several hats so I could relapse and pimp my act off the back of the addict or confuse the game and come straight from the attic…Traumatic as this maybe the roots of the tree grow deep…I’m aware of the judicial system but I prefer to hold court in the streets…I can’t sleep…Cause it doesn’t matter friend or foe they all want a piece…A piece of your grind…A piece of your time….Until all you want is a piece of mind….Since love is blind we’ll miss the signs…Let loved ones cross the line till we fall from successful back to tryin…Now I ain’t said nothing new this here is an old rhyme…But this is a message that’s rejected by over half of my kind…Leaving them on the side lines riding the pine…We’ve forgot what it truly means to shine…We’ve taken the faith out of ourselves and put it into the durability of jewelry, cars and fine vines…Thoughts are cloudy from the wine and the convincing cries of the folks that don’t want you to shine


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