Posted: May 23, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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I’m on both sides of the fence because it’s a short gate…I’m well rounded because I accept the love and the hate…The world is master minded so it’s your choice to participate and exercise your given right to regulate…What’s your purpose? Are you only here to hurt this or you come bringing gifts…Do you want to see me hit or miss I need to know so I can prepare for this and I hope you catch my drift…Some folks purpose is to expose the wrong doing of others to support their own personal goals…Some just want to play their role and turn their nose to the outcome of non-action…I met one whose purpose seemed to be to complain about never gaining traction…Half the women I met are drama queens…Never made it to the big screen but it’s evident their purpose was acting…It was clear that my guy’s purpose was JUST to be a man…He never owned any land but he dam sure controlled where he stand…There was this brainiac and he was the best at making plans but his purpose was twofold cause he was sick with being the fan of others so I just call him Stan…Then there was this joker who was all about self…Slick motherfucker who made you believe you were combining resources to obtain wealth…But at the end of the day it was only him…NOBODY else…He just wanted the belt…Or should I say the title…There was no better feeling in the world to him than to have others honor him as an idol…I also ran across Mr. Recital…He never moved forward…Always remained idle…But gave an accurate account of events…


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