Posted: May 20, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"

What’s good kinfolk?…I’m going “all in” with my concept “Broken Thoughts” and my litarery career…I am pleased to announce that my first spoken word project is complete and avaliable…If interested in a copy please follow the link under blog roll.

Blogging is new to me so I hope that you will bear with me while I get acquainted…I will be posting my “Broken Thoughts” and poetry on a regular base looking for feedback…Interact with me and be apart of the development of my craft.

Ken Jones (All’s Well)

  1. storysofar23 says:

    thanks for posting a comment on my site.
    your poetry is very professional and deep.
    Are you a published poet or do you write for fun.

  2. storysofar23 says:

    Hi I’ve looked at your site, I came across the poetic mic poetry iwebsite, what is it all about?

    • Hey now…Poetic Mic is a poetry community…A spot where you can house poems in a private area and when your ready you can make it viewable to the public….That was the first site I came across that I liked and put poetry on…Check me out on there too…You want to look for my user id: BillBixbe…Thanks for the compliments…I’m not actually published but I have self published a book…I have more spoken word titles on the way and I have tried my hand at a novel.

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