Posted: May 20, 2011 in Poetry "Spoken Word"
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I choose the lesser of the two evils…At times negative is the only thing at the door to greet you so I keep to my resolve cause the affect of non-action could bring about a fall and for my journey to come to an end would be colossal…Now a days I’ve taken on the attitude of entitled…Not that I am it’s just the tactics of my rivals…I sit idle as they consciously drain the well…Swell deep with regret not from being unable to prevent the hell but because I know better and I allowed the truth to be jailed…It’s easy to accept the mind state “O’Well” until we see the affects and finally realize that we failed…Then we scramble to try and make it right…Nose in the air because the new focus is the “Righteous” life…Ready to throw the rice to signify commitment to this new cause…Appalled at the fact that others who choose to stay more in tune with life couldn’t care at all…Forcing views and opinions…Forcing submission all in the same breath saying freedom of choice was the best gift that was given…I choose to live…I choose not to look at what it supposed to be but how it is…I choose the road less traveled were truth of self can be unraveled…I choose what is hard and what has caused many scars I honestly choose to be me…Free of the bondage from a judgmental eye…Free from the weight of a discouraging sigh…Free to be me, me, me because that is “I”…I stand erect with my head held high…Even when I fail I get up and try…I prove them wrong when their dead set on being right…I blend in throughout the day and raise hell at night…I enjoy the pleasures of a woman and I must satisfy my appetite…If an injustice has been done I will fight…I will fight…I’d rather walk alone than suffer the company of a fool…And I refuse to be under a female tyrants rule…Choices are hard especially in this world that is so cruel and unforgiving…God willing I’ll be blessed on my choices, decisions and how I’m living…


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